Our Company

Blue Fire Manufacturing, LLC was conceived to fill a void in the manufacturing community. Our unique model allows us to offer our customers large tier one full service while maintaining the intimate small company attention and value.

Blue Fire offers prototype stamping, production stamping, prototype casting and patterns, cost management/benchmarking services, and value-added services such as laser cutting, CNC machining and engineering assistance. We pride ourselves on the ability to offer solutions and assistance to our customers and manage those solutions from inception to production or anywhere along the way — efficiently and cost effectively.

Whether starting from an engineering project or providing value-added services, Blue Fire is the technical one-stop solution for our customers.

Our Vision

We provide our customers full service support from engineering assistance to manufacturing and centralize our sales and project management across all commodity groups. Our technical expertise, attention to detail, and seamless integration of multiple areas of expertise is our DNA. We strive to have a positive impact on our customers and partners everyday. It is our objective to build long term partnerships with our customers by applying yesterdays lessons learned to today’s projects for tomorrow’s success.

Our Strategy

Blue Fire Manufacturing is comprised of a collaborative group of technically strong and financially secure companies. Sales, engineering and program management are centrally managed and each project is assigned a dedicated program manager who works directly with the customer to ensure successful completion of the project. Attention to detail, cost, timing and constant communication with our customers provides the foundation for long and successful partnerships.

Our Products and Services

Blue Fire Manufacturing offers technical and manufacturing solutions in several key areas:

  • Prototype Stamping
  • Production Stamping
  • Prototype Casting and Patterns
  • Engineering Services
  • Cost Management/Benchmarking Services
  • Value Added Services
Prototype Metal Stamping & Fabrication Production Metal Stamping & Assembly Metal Castings & Patterns Engineering Services Additive Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping